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the park: About Us

"we all take great pride in the park..."

We're a team!

Our core values are to work with integrity, developing a caring environment where each one of us can bring in our own unique energy, ideas and talents to the park, with the primary focus on attention to detail and great customer service.

Each team member takes great pride in the park, working hard to ensure that everything is just right and that your stay is most pleasurable. At the end of the day, your satisfaction matters and we take this responsibility personally.

The primary team who deal with all the day to day requirements include Margaret & Steve, Val, Jason, Karen & Lee

And the family who owns and run the site overall include Martin & Dawn, Camilla, Ashley and Darren

Our story...

As a family, we moved to North Devon 19 years ago and we have lived here at Newberry Farm for thirteen years. We are very blessed to live near to the sea, even though we don't always get the opportunity to sit on the beach for long! Having lived in Worcestershire until we were in our late 30's, Martin and I find it very special to have this amazing coastline so close by. It's strange really because Camilla and Ashley have both left home in the past to live elsewhere, but somehow they've both been drawn back!

We love the valley with its green fields and ancient oak woods - it has such a peaceful feel about it, filled with the wonderful sounds of the countryside it is has a way of calming and relaxing even at the most stressful times. Somehow being surrounded by the wonders of nature gives you a different perspective on life, and we find one of the most rewarding aspects of running this site is sharing it with our team and all our visitors.

You might like to find out more about all that goes on here by reading my blog: Life in the Valley

Our lives...

Like our staff, we are all hugely passionate about this place -  we love the wildlife, the intrinsic beauty of the land, and the enthralling magic that can be found here. We strive to be great stewards, committed to being environmentally responsible as best we can. And when it comes to the family, we are all involved with the running of the site in different ways.
Martin is an Aspirational Business Coach and Mentor, helping people get new businesses up and running as well as assisting those with existing businesses who will benefit from some supportive guidance and coaching.

I am a healer, a medicine woman. I help people to find their way and purpose in life, dealing with pain and suffering as well as health, relationship, money, business & career and personal issues. I use a combination of energy healing techniques, ancient soul retrieval practices and mediumship with a heart-based, non-judgemental and compassionate approach.

Camilla is a Movement Healer. She uses her training in Pilates and Yoga, together with meditation and healing skills to help people become more connected and tuned into their bodies, thus leading to better health, greater energy and awareness.  

Ashley spends every minute of his spare time training to be a semi-professional/professional cyclist. He started this goal at the beginning of 2015 and during his first season, he has achieved 2nd Cat level. He rides over 200 miles each week in training.

So do come and meet the team sometime soon!