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Dog Wellness Weekend Course 15.04.2017

Dog Wellness Weekend Course

Are you connecting with your dog?

We are so excited to be welcoming Dr Isla Fishburn to Newberry Valley for an intimate two day course aimed at looking at how you can support and impact your dog’s health, behaviour and wellness.

Isla is an amazing canine wellness practitioner with an immense wealth of knowledge, experience and a kind heart. She works on improving your dog’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health by combining canine behaviour with natural remedies and energy work.

With the challenges of 21st century living, your dog can experience imbalances within its system as a result of physical, environmental, nutritional, toxic, emotional, physiological, energetic or spiritual stressors. These can manifest in different ways depending on your dog’s individual identity, history, learning capacity and exposure.

Often imbalances in your dog will be shown through behavioural or physical changes; extreme signals that can be used to alert you that your dog’s wellness is not at optimum functioning. Equally, your dog may show behavioural responses that you simply don’t understand or don’t know how to best to support.

This workshop will help you to understand more clearly all these aspects of your dog - it’s needs, function, interaction and communication as an animal and as a member of your family. It will help you to support your dog's health, behaviour and overall state of wellness, and as well as that you'll find that you'll also learn a lot about yourself too.

The workshop will cover the following topics:
~ the different causes of wellness
~ identity and personality
~ development
~ diet
~ emotions in dogs
~ disease/illness
~ stress
~ trauma
~ aggression
~ natural communication
~ teaching and correction
~ environment
~ healing techniques
~ animal energetics     

Date: 15th & 16th April 2017

Time: 10am till 4pm

Venue: Newberry Valley Park

Early Bird £99 if booked and paid before 28th February 2017
Full price £120 thereafter.

This will be a small group with a max of 15 participants so book early to avoid disappointment

TO BOOK: CALL 01271 882334 or E-MAIL