Book with Confidence

These challenging times hold a great deal of uncertainty and so we wanted to outline for you our booking terms with regard to COVID as they are treated  separately from the usual Holiday Protection Plan that is also offered to all customers. At least with this clarity you are able to make a booking with confidence. In addition we detail below the arrangements and procedures, terms and conditions that form the agreement between you as the customer and us as the service provider.

Booking Terms

If we are closed either due to a national or local lockdown, or due to enforced closure as a result of COVID on site then we will offer you either a 12 month credit or, if preferred, a refund. If you have used part of your holiday and then have to return due to site closure you will be offered a partial credit or refund for the remaining unused days.

If you are unable to stay with us due to

  • you or someone in your immediate family showing potential signs of COVID
  • you or someone included in the booking having to self-isolate as you/they have been in contact with someone who has tested positive
  • you living in an area with a local lockdown or in a tier that is not permitted to travel

then we will offer you a 12 month credit, valid from the last day of your booked dates.

Both of the above terms run distinctly separate from the holiday protection plan which covers you for general illness and injury, the terms of which can be found here. We strongly advise you to take this option if you do not have additional travel/holiday cover.


Our Obligations and Procedures

We take the health and safety of our customers and our staff very seriously and so we have completed a risk assessment and implemented the following procedures and rules to minimise the risks.

1. We have increased the frequency and intensity of cleaning in the amenity blocks, reception area and all around the site to minimise the risks for our guests and staff.

2. We have hand sanitiser available:
•    outside reception
•    at the entrances and exits to the main amenities block
•    outside the Fir field toilets and dishwash

3. We have soap dispensers in every washroom & shower room however, these are not available in the dishwash or laundry areas. Please use your own soap in these places.

4. Given the strict guidelines around social distancing, we have placed clear signage in the relevant areas of:
•    reception
•    shower & toilet facilities
•    dishwash area
We can't, of course, mark every part of our site so we ask you to remain mindful of the need to socially distance as you walk around the site.

5. The barrier:
•    The keypad will be disinfected and sanitised regularly through the day
•    You must carry your own sanitiser in your vehicle in order to use before and after tapping in your personal number at barrier keypad. Gloves can also be used if preferred. Please DO NOT spray the keypad.

6. The bollards, hook-ups and taps:
•    Your hook-up or bollard will all have been sanitised prior to arrival and on your departure
•    When using communal taps, you are advised to wash hands thoroughly and use personal hand sanitiser afterwards.

7. Use of amenity blocks:
•    Please adhere to our one-way system through main amenities block with the entrance of Yew side of site, exit to Elm side
•    Chemical waste points, laundry, dishwash etc will be regularly sanitised throughout the day
•    When using communal bins you are advised to wash hands thoroughly and use personal hand sanitiser afterwards.


Your Obligations

1. Please DO NOT allow children to roam unsupervised around the park so that they do not, albeit inadvertently, break the social distance rule. All parents are responsible for supervising their children. Our playpark is open - it is not reasonably practicable to clean it however, it is exposed to the elements which kill the virus. Please ensure sanitiser or hand-washing is used before and after use.

2. You can use the outdoor spaces of your pitch for recreational purposes, for example to sit, relax or have a picnic or barbecue with all those booked onto your own pitch. If you have other family members or friends staying on site then you must adhere to the current government guideines with regard to socialising in groups.

3. Customers are requested NOT to invite or entertain visitors who are not staying on site. We are not permitting non-residents on site at the current time.

Our wardens do not want to spoil your fun but will have to monitor and manage any groups of families and friends in terms of both COVID regulations and noise control. Please ensure that you are courteous and respectful to our staff at all times. We will not tolerate any inappropriate behaviour.

Local relationships are important to us and so we therefore urge everyone to be respectful and adhere to social distancing in all contacts outside the park. Please show consideration for our local community and also all those staying with us on-site.