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Shamanic & Energy Healing

Have you been feeling lost, stuck or overwhelmed? Maybe you have been struggling with health issues, anxiety or depression.  Then you would benefit from a healing session with Dawn. 

This form of intuitive energy healing involves you and Dawn working together to track down, release and clear the old patterns and blocks then using a variety of intuitive energy medicine, therapeutic techniques and shamanic practices. Dawn can assist the natural healing responses in your emotional, mental and physical bodies.



I want this powerful treatment to be accessible to all and so my pricing has two tiers.


  • Tier 1 - £80
    This is the normal full charge for a session

  • Tier 2 - £50
    This is for those who are experiencing financial hardship. You don't need to prove your situation and we don't need any explanations.

As it uses both Dawn's time, expertise and, most of all, a great deal of energy we respectfully request that you choose the tier that is fair to us both. 


Each session can last between 1- 2 hours. To find out more about this form of healing go to

All sessions must be booked at least 48 hours in advance.


Dawn Fletcher
Life Mentor & Healer

In addition to overseeing the running of the campsite, Dawn works as a life mentor and healer. She can help you to process and heal from trauma and imprinting that may have impacted your life and relationships so that you can feel more you!

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