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Watermouth Castle Playtime: Unveiling Family Fun Nearby

Picture of a walled castle in front of the sea

Get ready for an enchanting playtime like no other as our local theme park, Watermouth Castle prepares to unveil its latest additions: Hobbledown Bay, a Pixie Role Play Village, and The Mining Village.


Watermouth Castle is only a few minutes' drive from Newberry Valley and has kept many families entertained over the years. Built in 1825 this formidable building was almost derelict when it was purchased by Richard Haines in 1977. With determination and hard work, he turned it into one of North Devon's top family attractions.

Now owned by the UK-based Escapade Group the exciting news is that with planning permission now granted, the £850k project will breathe new life into the amusement park, replacing outdated areas with bespoke play equipment designed to spark creativity and adventure.


Nestled within the Castle grounds, these magical outdoor play areas promise to ignite children’s imaginations and create unforgettable moments for families.


An artists impression of a pixie village from a bird's eye view
The Hobblers Bay Pixie Village at Watermouth Castle

Let Your Inner Child Out to Play

Mums and Dads, seize your chance to unleash your inner pixie! Picture wooden structures, all interconnected by tunnels, slides, walkways, and climbing walls, offering endless exploration and fun.

But the adventure doesn't end there. At the enchanting new Mining Village, a world of sand and water play awaits, inviting hands-on enjoyment for all ages. And for even more excitement, the Big River ride has undergone a spectacular transformation, boasting new animatronics, boats, and enhanced crazy golf.

This lovely family Theme Park will re-open for the new season on 18th March with the new additions of Hobbledown Bay and The Mining Village scheduled to be open by May 2024 so there should be plenty to keep the kids happily occupied throughout the summer.


You can visit the Watermouth Castle website for more information about this unique local attraction and you can find out about loads of other places to explore on our website


So get your play clothes on, relax, and let your imagination run wild with a break at Newberry Valley campsite.


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