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Lee Landed a Big One: A Fishy Tales from Newberry Valley

Lee has been a warden here at Newberry Valley for many years now and is a keen fisherman in his spare time. You'll often see him alongside our two-acre coarse fishing lake on his days off or in the evenings after a long day at work, enjoying the last rays of the sun before it heads over the hill. It's so peaceful sitting there by the side of the lake, watching the world go by.

There are some amazing big fish in there too - carp, tench, roach, and perch. On a summer's day, you can spot them gliding stealthily along just beneath the surface like a mini-submarine. They do like to tease the fishermen!

Photo of a man holding a giant carp by the banks of lake with a hedge in the background
Lee & his fabulous fish

Anyway, back to Lee. It's true to say that he has been feeling very pleased with himself recently.

He has, over the years caught several decent-sized carp but this week he landed a big one. Look at that happy face (Lee's face, that is.)

The carp doesn't look too pleased but what a fabulous fish. I have a feeling some of our regular customers have previously nicknamed this one "Arfa" because he only has half a tail.

Of course, he was very well cared for and was soon returned to the water, safe and sound with Lee continuing to feel very chuffed (even a little smug) with his achievement.

Wildlife Haven

As well as the fish in the lake, it's a haven for other wildlife too including frogs and newts, moorhens, herons, kingfishers, and plenty of ducks.

Personally, the actual sport of fishing doesn't float my boat but if you love nature like me then you'll certainly enjoy a gentle stroll around, even if you don't want to fish.

Fab Fishing Holidays

We have many loyal guests who come and stay primarily with fishing in mind. In addition to the coarse fishing we have on-site, you can try your hand at sea fishing in the village too, and there are organised fishing trips available from Ilfracombe Harbour which is only 5 miles away. For more information about our on-site fishing click here.


Maybe you can land a big one like Lee, or you can just experience the simple pleasures of our park and lake. Book your getaway now. We can't wait to welcome you!


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