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Karen's Birthday: More Celebrations at Newberry Valley

As you may have read from my last post, we have been celebrating recently after the news of becoming the Regional Winner for Devon Award in the Top 100 Sites 2024 from Practical Caravan and Practical Motorhome Magazines.

Winning awards isn’t our main goal, but it feels good when people notice our hard work. A lot of this praise is because of our team members like Karen, who joined us in 2018.

Karen is somewhat obsessed with cleanliness which is great for us working on our campsite as one of her primary daily tasks is to keep the facility blocks sparkling. Over the past 7 years, her diligence and care have contributed significantly to maintaining the high standards we want for all our guests. You only need to read some of our glowing reviews to know what a brilliant job she and the other wardens and staff do here.

So, when Karen's birthday fell on the Friday before the early May bank holiday we decided it was only right to have a staff BBQ in the early evening. This way, all the staff could help out when customers arrived and at the same time we could have a tasty bite to eat, a spot of mood music, and a light-hearted gathering to celebrate her special day.

Karen and her birthday cake
Karen preparing to blow out her birthday candles

As you can see, she was most surprised when Camilla brought out a birthday cake and we sang to her but you'll be glad to hear that she managed to blow out all the candles!

Karen’s hard work helps us keep up our high standards, and that’s a big reason we win awards.

Thanks to Karen and our entire team!


If you, or someone special to you, has a reason to celebrate coming up soon, then why not consider booking a short break with us? We can't wait to welcome you (and we are all expert cake eaters too!)


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