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Seaside Wonders: Rock Pooling and Seal Pups at Combe Martin Beach

A stone outcrop full of rockpools in front of a sandy beach
Rockpools on Combe Martin Beach

I remember spending many hours as a child dipping into rock pools to discover whole new worlds.

Hours would pass by watching all the different sea creatures going about their day. I recall giggling time and again with my brother as we gently touched the anemone tentacles and felt them suck onto the end of our fingers. Simple moments that make happy memories.

We are very blessed to be so close to Combe Martin Beach which is one of the best rock pooling beaches in Devon. It is only a few minutes to walk to the beach from the site entrance. No need to get in the car, just wander down to the village with a bucket at the ready.

Not only does it offer a sheltered bay for swimming, kayaking and paddleboarding but also, as the tide recedes, it leaves behind an amazing selection of rock pools affording you great views of sponges, volcano barnacles, mussels, limpets, shore crabs, alien-like green and pink anemones and lots more. It really is a great place for children and adults alike to explore.

Combe Martin Bay has been chosen as an ideal place for the RSPCA and other wildlife rescue charities to release seal pups back into the wild, into the sea.

Unfortunately, we don't have much prior warning about when the releases are to go ahead. It's a wonderful sight as the pups splish and splash their way into the deep blue sea... fingers crossed you'll be lucky enough to see a seal release when you visit.


Happy memories are what our business is all about at Newberry Valley. And the most important part of our day is creating the ideal environment for you and your family to enjoy those special holiday moments together.


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