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Canine Capers: Great Camping Holidays with Your Dog

An Alsatian sitting in the window
Here's Luna sitting watching the world go by.

There are times when the simple loving loyalty and soulful connection with my dog is far easier than having to deal with people, but then again, I have had some pretty challenging canines in my life over the years too. Even with the difficult ones, it’s fair to say that I have a real soft spot for dogs.

At one time we had four large pooches living with us which was pretty chaotic. Now we have just our lovely Luna who loves to sit in our lounge windowsill and watch all the comings and goings in the driveway outside.

We love dogs

Prior to us buying the campsite in May 2006, dogs were not accepted on the campsite. As soon as we took over that had to change immediately. Martin and I have always had dogs since we were children - over the years between us we have had labradors, dalmatians, rottweilers, german shepherds and even a wolfdog so for me there was no debate – the rules changed and we do all we can to accommodate your furry friends on-site. After all they are family members.

So we have created a few things to make holidaying with your mutt easier.

There’s our dog wash facility where you can swill off their feet to avoid muddy paw prints in your van or tent and then we also have the fully fenced dog field where they can have a good run off lead. Due to the topography and hilly landscape of Combe Martin the dog field is all on a slope – it certainly does get my heart pumping and somewhat challenges my fitness levels but for most dogs it’s a walk in the park (pardon the pun!!)

Happy dogs, happy campers

In general, we prefer no more than two dogs per pitch, but we do accept more when the owners are confident that their animals are used to camping and would not cause excessive noise issues or other interference with neighbouring guests.

We suggest that if you have more than two dogs do get in touch by phone 01271 882334 or email us at so that we can discuss your individual circumstances.


To check out the dog-friendly page on our website CLICK HERE

Two dogs sitting on a bench looking off-camera

Tail-wagging tales

We are ideally positioned with a dog-friendly beach literally just a few minutes’ walk from the site entrance. The larger beach in the bay doesn’t allow dogs from May to September however Newberry Beach which is actually closer to the campsite, welcomes them all year round.


It's a fab place for them to explore and have a refreshing swim leaving you and your family with many joyful memories and a happy and healthy dog. So don’t leave them whining in the kennels… plan your relaxing break with your pooch today.



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